Thompson, David | The Whole Equation

The Whole Equation

A History of Hollywood

av David Thompson

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The Whole Equation is a study in one man's passion for, insight into and knowledge of Hollywood film history. Immediately upon having had the pleasure of hearing David Thomson speak (he was introducing a film that was part of a series inspired by the Whole Equation) I raced to my nearest bookstore and invested in his latest work. It was money well spent. Thomson is a personable writer whose charm and wit sparkle throughout this book.
He has strong opinions on films and directors that readers will sometimes differ with but maintain a healthy respect for. Thomson backs his attacks with reasons, not the kind of hit and run criticism that some film critics engage in.
The Whole Equation is not a straight chronology of Hollywood as Thomson frequently digresses, fast forwards and expands on themes -- always with great results.
There is also a delightful mixture of gossip (how could there not be in a book on Hollywood) which comes across more as history than he-said-she-said. Here is the story of Chinatown of Jean Harlow, Irving Thalberg, the black list, Michael Cimino Marlene Dietrich and so much more.
Film lovers we'll be inspired. Inspired to learn even more about the movies and more importantly to want to see particular films whether for the first time or with a new appreciation.
The Whole Equation is a thinking person's companion to a life long love of movies.

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Författare: Thompson, David
Undertitel: A History of Hollywood

Förlag: Little Brown, London
Genre: Konst- & konstvetenskap
Ämnesord: 2008
Artikelnr: 61903

Bindning & skick: Förlagsband, skyddsomslag. 8:o (stor) . År: 2005. Omfång: 435 s.. ISBN: 0316848603. Språk: Engelska

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