China Handbook Editorial Committee (compilation) | Literature and the arts (Wenxue yishu. English)

Literature and the arts (Wenxue yishu. English)

av China Handbook Editorial Committee (compilation)

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Chinese literature and art are famous throughout the world for their long history and glorous achievements. Since 1949, the Chinese government has paid particular attention to fostering a new literature and art to serve the interests and satisfy the needs of the Chinese people. For each field of creative endeavour in New China, this booklet provides a concise account of the background, achievement, education and research, professional associations and exchanges with foreign countries. The general reader and the specialist will find it a helpful introduction to contemporary Chinese culture and an invaluable reference book.

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Konst & konstvetenskap (inom Humaniora)

Författare: China Handbook Editorial Committee (compilation)
Förlag: Foreign Languages Press, Beijing.
Genre: Konst- & konstvetenskap
Artikelnr: 15607

Bindning & skick: Häftad. 8:o . År: 1983. Omfång: 217 p., [24] p. of plates : ill. ; 19 cm . ISBN: 0835109895. Språk: Engelska

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