Hall, Anthony | Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord

D-Day Day by Day

av Anthony Hall

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On July 6, 1944, 50 000 Allied troops in 3000 landing craft poured onto the beaches of Normandy, supported by thousands of other vessels and aircraft, thus beginning the Allied invasion of NAzi-occupied Europe. Codenamned Operation Overlord, the D-Day landings signalled the beginning of the end for Hitler´s Germany. Overlord was, and remains, the largest amphibious assaule ever conducted, and is one of the most fascinating and evocative battles in history.

This book is a chronological approach to the landings, allowing the reader to see at a glance the preparations made for the invasion of Normandy, as well as the key actions on beaches Gold, Juno, Sword, Utah, and Omaha, to the point whereby all five of the landing forces had joined up on June 12, the action is meticulously dealt with.

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Författare: Hall, Anthony
Undertitel: D-Day Day by Day

Förlag: Grange Books,
Genre: Kulturvetenskap : Militaria
Ämnesord: Dagen D
Artikelnr: 3781

Bindning & skick: Förlagsband, skyddsomslag. 4:o . År: 2003. Omfång: 192 pp ; ill.. ISBN: 1840135921. Språk: Engelska

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