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Desert storm

av Micheletti, Eric / Debay, Yves

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By January 1991 the 42 divisions of iraqi dictator Saddam Hussien’s invading army had been occupying, looting and violating the tiny Guld emeriate of Kuwait for five months.
With half a million men, 4000 tanks and 3000 artillery pieces, they defied a US-let coalition force numerically weaker in everything but combat jets.
Pundits warned that any attempt to liberate Kuwait by force of arms would cost the allies thousands of casualties.
On January, US Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf unleashed an allied air offensive which in five weeks hammered Saddam’s infrastructive, and most of hsi forces, into scrap.
On 24 february he carried out President Bush’s orders to liberate the emirate. The ground offensive - one of the most technically perfect in history - utterly routed the Iraqi army in just 100 hours, at a miraculously light cost in allies lives.
This all-color photo-book records the whole extraordinary story, from the first US deployments to the final surrender of Saddam’s legions.

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Författare: Micheletti, Eric / Debay, Yves
Undertitel: Desert storm

Förlag: Windrow & greene
Genre: Historia
Artikelnr: 13336

Bindning & skick: Limhäftad. Limhäftad. Nyskick. 8:o (stor) . År: cop. 1991. Omfång: 130 s. : Ill.. ISBN: 1872004318. Språk: Engelska

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