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That Book

Of Perfectly Useless Information

av Mitchell Symons

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You hold in your hands the ultimate trivia guide. Organized in thematic sections, That Book covers a world of learning by an author whos developed game shows (he was the creator of the first fastest-finger game-show quiz) and was one of the original contributors to the international editions of Trivial Pursuit. Want to know which U.S. president is a descendant of King Edward III? Or which famous people lived to read their own obituaries? That Book covers these inessential facts and more ... Not since Schotts Original Miscellany has there been such a delectable feast of useless information. That Book is an encyclopedia of honest-to-god facts from the bizarre to the mundane that will have you alternately shaking your head in wonder and holding your sides in laughter. Bathroom -- or bedside -- reading just doesnt get any better than this -- or That.

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Kulturvetenskap & -historia (inom Humaniora)

Författare: Symons, Mitchell
Undertitel: Of Perfectly Useless Information

Förlag: Bantam Press, London
Genre: Kulturvetenskap
Ämnesord: 2008
Artikelnr: 61908

Bindning & skick: Förlagsband. 8:o . År: 2003. Omfång: 399 s. : ill.. ISBN: 0593052404. Språk: Engelska

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