Kampf, Harold | In Search of Serenity

In Search of Serenity

A Guide to Successful Meditation

av Harold Kampf

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Many people in today’s troubled world are attracted by the idea of meditation, without having any specific knowledge of how to practise it. There are books on the subject, but these often prove too obscure for the absolute beginner.

This book is different, for in it Harold Kampf reveals a direct approach to meditation, written in non-technical language. The most helpful feature is a simple system of thought control, designed to eliminate the distractions which beset whose who attempt meditation as a preliminary to attaining a state of pure contemplation. This system provides the most practical control of thought method yet givn.

Contemplation without prior preparation can be achieved through the practice of Subud, a “short cut” which enhances the mystical experience of all religions. Harold Kampf explains the origin of Subud and describes his experiences after being (in SUbud parlance) ‘opened’ by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of becoming a channel for the great life force.

The author demonstrates that in meditation there is much common ground shared by Christianity and the Eastern religions. HE also indicates a timely parallel between traditional Christian mysticism and modern transcendental meditation.

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Religion & esoterika (inom Humaniora)

Författare: Kampf, Harold
Undertitel: A Guide to Successful Meditation

Förlag: Thorsons, Wellingborough.
Genre: Religion / Esoterika - Uppbyggelseskrift - Meditation
Artikelnr: 53863215

Bindning & skick: Fint antikvariskt skick. Med skyddsomslag i normalt antikvariskt skick. Riss på skyddsomslag. Förlagsband, skyddsomslag. 8:o . År: 1974. ISBN: 0722502656. Språk: Svenska

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