Mondey, David (Ed.) / Taylor, Michael (Rev.) | The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft

The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aircraft

av Mondey, David (Ed.) / Taylor, Michael (Rev.)

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This is a newly updated, fully international guide, listing all the world´s manufacturers of production aircraft, both military and civil from the begninning of powered flight to the present day.

The A to Z arrangement of this valuable reference book provides details of almost 1500 manufacturers and is designed to give the general reader av wide acquaintanceship with thousands of different types of aircraft and at the same time serve the more knowledgeable expert with easily accessible information.

The advent of powered flight is a century away, and its impact on the world has been far-reaching. An extensive introduction about the history of aviation precedes the alphabetical encyclopedia thus placing many types of aircraft described in perspective.

The reader will therefore be able to understand the historical, economic, and technological trends which have produced the military and civil aircraft of any period. A reference book of this scope belongs in the library of all aviation enthusiastis as a vital research tool.

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Författare: Mondey, David (Ed.) / Taylor, Michael (Rev.)
Förlag: Quantum Books, London.
Genre: Varia
Ämnesord: Flygplan
Artikelnr: 2974

Bindning & skick: Förlagsband, skyddsomslag. 4:o . År: 2003. Omfång: 560 pp ; ill.. ISBN: 0862882680. Språk: Engelska

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